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US business and consumer spending

US business and consumer spending

US business and consumer spending

US business and consumer spending; It was not able to display the next part of the first post “We aspire to conquer the aftermarket” there. According to Allied Market Research, the automotive aftermarket was valued at $438.70 billion in 2021, and is projected to reach $828.2 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2022 to 2031. The Asia-Pacific region dominates the market in terms of revenue, followed by Europe, North America and LAMEA. China dominated the automotive aftermarket in 2021, while India is expected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period.

The rapid growth of the automobile sector across all segments, coupled with the increasing customer inclination towards the advancement of electronic accessories such as infotainment units, music systems, and others, is fuelling the growth of the automotive aftermarket. Key key factors driving the growth of the Automotive aftermarket are,

Development of Automotive Post Sale Services

Strict government regulations for replacing or upgrading vehicle components

Increase in the trend of vehicle customization with increase in disposable income.

In addition, the developing countries of Asia-Pacific and Africa offer many growth opportunities for the automotive industry. There is a huge demand for passenger vehicles in this segment and it is expected to grow during the forecast period.

To take advantage of lower manufacturing costs for vehicle parts exports, many automotive vehicle manufacturers were helped to set up manufacturing plants in Africa and the Asia-Pacific to meet local demand. The automotive aftermarket industry expected to provide an opportunity is segmented on the basis of application, distribution, vehicle type, condition and region.

By application, it is divided into infotainment and multimedia, engine components, tires and wheels, electrical products, seat and steering covers, and others. By distribution, it is divided into OEM and third party vendors.

By vehicle type, it is divided into two wheelers, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. According to the situation, it is divided into external accessories and internal accessories. By region, the market is analyzed in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and LAMEA.

American businesses and consumers spend about $1 trillion each year on the assets they already own.

In 1991, After-sales services are a high-margin business, and they consume a substantial portion of corporate profits. Corporations such as ABB, Caterpillar, GE and Saturn have garnered unwavering customer loyalty by providing top-notch after-sales services. In fact, a number that tells a company how loyal its customers are likely to be, is how high they rate the firm’s after-sales services.

Despite the apparent attractiveness of the aftermarket, most organizations waste its potential. They consider after-sales services a necessary evil and treat taxes like large business-to-business service contracts, small business-to-consumer warranties, and everything in between—an unnecessary expense.

This is also because, after sales support is extremely difficult to manage, and only companies that efficiently provide services can make money from them. How poorly large companies manage service networks, treating production and sales functions as stepchildren, are shocking facts about sales.

Customers are worried about the lack of parts. The customer also has to wait for a long time. If seen, about 50% of the consumers with such problems faced unnecessary delay in repairing the vehicles as the dealers do not have the right parts to fix them. Next, we will discuss the second part of “We aspire to conquer the aftermarket” related to our Pervious topics.

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We aspire to conquer the aftermarket

We aspire to conquer the aftermarket

We aspire to conquer the aftermarket

Around 40 million Employees, 10% Growth Rate, 3.5 Lakh Crore Exports and Approx. 7.8 Lakh Crore Indian Automobile Industry We aspire to conquer the aftermarket. If we talk about two-wheeler in this sector, then India is the largest producer of two-wheeler and three-wheeler in the world. Under this production capacity, India exports over 50% of two wheelers with Hero, Bajaj and TVS being the major manufacturers.

We can say that this is the golden age of services in India. To prosper, every company must transform itself into a service business. We all swear by the service-cantered approach of the working world, but personally, they acknowledge a small concern. Most of the companies either do not know how to provide after sales services effectively or not. Top management worldwide considers aftermarket services only as a consideration.

But we can say here that at least it is unwise to ignore the promise of after-sales services. Since the early 1990s, companies in North America, Western Europe, and Japan have stopped moving products and began to value customers from using those products. If we talk about the growth in the EV sector, with a growth of 335%, the current EV market in India has registered a growth of 660% in two wheelers, 150% in three wheelers, 300% in four wheelers and 160% in registered growth. Buses. , So what we are trying to say here is that we have to promise those things in our workspace which we are ignoring.

We aspire to conquer the aftermarket How ?

American, Japanese and European companies changed their behaviour as demand declined, competition intensified and profit margins plummeted. As their businesses began to offer solutions rather than products, it became clear that after-sales repair and after-sales services of spare parts would set up upgrades. They understood that repairing equipment, carrying out inspection and daily maintenance, providing technical support, consulting and training and arranging finances could also be a great source of revenue and profit.

In industries such as automobiles, white goods, industrial machinery and information technology, companies have sold so many units over the years that the aftermarket original equipment business has grown four to five times larger. Sales of spare parts and after-sales services account for 8% of annual GDP in the United States.

This means that American businesses and consumers spend about $1 trillion on their assets each year. This also means that the US has the largest aftermarket, excluding the world’s eight largest economies. This was no surprise at the Wharton-Stanford Service Supply Chain Thought Leaders Forum in October 2004. Executives there said they generate between 29% and 50% of their revenue from their firm servicing products.

We will know more about this in the next special post

Topics are

  • How American businesses and consumers spend nearly $1 trillion each year on the assets they already own.
  • Ruining its potential, despite the apparent attractiveness of the aftermarket.
  • How to deal with the challenges of the aftermarket
  • Production of services before business demand.
  • How to identify products.
  • How to design a portfolio of service products.
  • How to use the many different business models.
  • How to determine the organizational structure after sales
  • After Sales Service How to Optimize Supply Chain.
  • Resources are to be deployed and their parts and locations are hierarchical.
  • A high level of service for one customer may require a low level of service for another.
  • How to monitor supply chain and performance.

How did you like this topic, do write to us and join us and complete this topic. And yes, Sevens Automotives manufactures control cables for two wheeler vehicles, you must use a Sevens product.

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Innovative Control Cable of Sevens

Innovative Control Cable of Sevens

Innovative Control Cable of Sevens Automotives, Control cables are important components of a vehicle, as they provide power, control, signal and data communications for all vehicle systems and equipment, including safety systems such as ABS. These are used as extension cables.

Sevens Automotives provide wire and cable products for commercial and recreational vehicles that can withstand harsh conditions and substances, including heat, mechanical stress, chemicals, moisture and oil. Control cables include accelerator, brake and clutch cables.


Innovative Control Cable of Sevens Features & Benefits

Major advantages of our cables

  • Stranded and rope inner wire are tested to tensile break load as per ARAI standards
  • Zinc plated (Cr3 non-polluting) conduit fittings and inner wire end fittings are used for corrosion protection
  • Conduit PVC (lead-free non-polluting) and rubber hose sleeves are used for resistance to abrasion, impact, and also high temperature protection.
  • Polymer boot and dust cover to keep cable contamination away
  • Inner Wires End Fittings are 100% proof load tested as per ARAI standards to ensure quality product.
  • Provides corrosion protection and simple operation due to coated internal wire and liner
  • Sevens assures the quality product
  • Ease of installation by mechanic
  • Designed according to OE to ensure ease of access and availability of fastening accessories (not provided with cable)

Some unique features of our cables

  • Use of nylon coated strand wire coating to reduce friction and prolong cable life.
  • Inner liner groove is included to reduce friction and increase life.
  • Internal lubricants are used to prevent freezing and allow smooth operation.
  • Zinc plated hardware and fittings are used for longer life.
  • Using EPDM rubber boots and dust seals for better life and ozone resistance.

Technical Info

Mechanical control cables are flexible cables used to transmit mechanical force by the motion of the internal cable. They form a very important component of the vehicle as they perform a very important function of controlling various functions in the vehicle, which are usually recurring. Use of a good quality cable is desirable so as to avoid customer headaches due to fatigue, replacement, reinstallation and cable failure.

Twisting the desired/required number of wires of different diameter standard wire gauges into one cable, inter alia, makes a good quality cable. The number of strands of standard gauge depends on the end use of auto control cable like brake wire, clutch wire, accelerator wire etc. Each type of cable is of different size depending on the specific purpose of the cable.


Following are the types of cables

  • Clutch cables operate the clutch.
  • The accelerator cables allow control of the amount of electricity being generated.
  • Speedometer cable shows the speed of the vehicle.
  • Brake cables are commonly used to stop the vehicle or to stabilize the speed.
  • Push/pull cables or gear shifting cables which are now more commonly used on linkages in vehicle transmissions.
  • Release cables like seat lock, petrol tank lock opening cable etc.
  • Other cables are manufactured by Sevens as per special customer specific requirements.
  • Each cable is carefully put together and every component and crimp is checked and verified. Our manufacturing partner performs 100% quality and proof load testing on every cable that is produced.

Some verification and validation tests on cables done by Sevens

  • Snag Test
  • Tensile Test
  • Endurance Test
  • Load Efficiency Test
  • Brake Load Test
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Why go for Sevens Automotives products

Why go for Sevens Automotives products
Why Connect with Sevens in the Aftermarket

Why go for Sevens Automotives products

Why go for Sevens Automotives products ? You use vehicles in any form. No matter which garage you go to and get your vehicles serviced, why use Sevens products only? Why to use Sevens Product Let us know it in detail.

Why include sevens as vehicle parts


I wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that the Sevens product is the best aftermarket product for your motorcycle and scooter. Now first of all let’s talk about quality. Sevens Automotives manufactures control cables on a large scale. Which meets all the parameters and norms given for control cable of all two sixes vehicles motorcycles and scooters.

The Seven Control Cable provides you with a comfortable ride along with a safe ride. Therefore, those who know sevens in the after market are only and only on sevens. Friends, we are improving our quality day by day. The detailed information about the Seven Control Cable is given to you below.

About product quality

As mentioned above, the intake vehicle meets all the parameters and norms. This is true and for this we will discuss the main four points below. Our every moment goal is to put our quality first in the aftermarket with the creation of a great product. Which gives us a distinct identity in the aftermarket and also creates an infrastructure for our product.

This creation gives us confidence in Sevens in the aftermarket, which is a matter of great pride for us, We make our product better with the following steps which give us a distinct identity in the aftermarket.

  • Outer casing
  • Inner wire
  • Cable components
  • Rubber parts

Outer Casing

We manufacture a wide range of External Control Cable Casing following the QCD philosophy which helps in maintaining consistency in each and every piece we manufacture.

Cable casing outer is a type of flexible cable used to transmit mechanical force or energy by the motion of an inner cable relative to a hollow outer cable housing. The housing is typically of composite construction, with an inner lining coated with a protected outer shell of nylon/PVC

These cable casings carry substantial external load and hence we manufacture these cables under the supervision of highly skilled engineering team. We manufacture these cable casings as per the OEM specifications, designs, drawings and specifications.


  • in-house test
  • Single Piece Flow Manufacturing
  • friction free movement

Inner Wire

The inner wire is made of steel. There are two types of wires in the control cable. One is the strand wire and the other is the rope wire. Mostly the stern wire is used for the clutch cable, which has a thickness of 2.2 mm. It is marked as usually listing the number of wires per strand followed by the number of wires per rope or cable. Products with this 27 x 19 designation for clutch cable have 27 strands per cable and 19 wires per strand.

In this way we do weight testing, because of that it is oil deep for we do it in the control cable. We always go through high quality parikrama in these saree process. After passing through the circuit, it is then used in the cable. Only then we know how to manufacture a better smooth and friction free cable.

Components and Other Parts

All the components meet all the parameters and standards of the control cable, only after it is brought for assembly, all these components are tested for seventy different types, which after going through different types of testing process The same is used.

Completing all the above processes, Sevens Automotives manufactures a high quality Control Cable. That’s why we said that you must try our product once and try it in your motorcycle and scooter, you will definitely find it is friction free, smooth and comfortable.


Friends, I hope all of you will definitely follow my words and will definitely use the product of Sevens Automotives once. You can also buy our product online whose link I am giving below. There is one more request from you, do not forget to share this post with your friends. Thank you

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How accurate is an aftermarket credit policy

How accurate is an aftermarket credit policy

How accurate is an aftermarket credit policy.

How accurate is an aftermarket credit policy, Why a liberal credit policy for the aftermarket and how appropriate is this aftermarket credit policy for the customers. Let’s talk about this. Sevens does not follow a credit policy for automotive aftermarket sales.

Companies use liberal credit policy to increase their sales. Which is probably becoming a disease for business today. According to me, the sales executive who created this credit policy must have been there.

  • He will probably be very weak in sales.
  • Perhaps he must have been too scared of his goal.
  • It will have little ability to motivate the customer.

Due to such liberal credit policy many people have lost their connection with each other. How many distributors and companies have lost coordination. There are many side effects available in the market today.

A company revolving around high sales aspirations and its educational liberal loan policy offers to increase its sales. Companies with the highest sales ambitions encourage customers to have longer credit times in the aftermarket. Today this credit policy has become not just a help but a business for the customers.

Presently this credit policy is reducing the creditworthiness of the product. Today you go to any aftermarket customer and they will find two brands of the same product. That’s because if not you then someone else is right.

The credit policy in the automobile sector has been neglected as much as in no other sector. While the consequences of this are also being seen horrifying. Let’s talk about this further.

  • Have you ever taken medicine on credit?
  • Have you ever taken the phone on credit?
  • Have you ever taken your clothes on credit?

There are so many portals of online marketing which are selling automobile products, are all those companies giving credit.

Now we will talk about who does it affect in the after market.

High sales ambition

The ambition for high sales has created so much competition among companies that everyone is fighting among themselves. This competition is not for the quality of the product, this competition is running only for high sales and only under the credit policy. Which is not good for the automobile company. Perhaps the executives of the companies are also understanding this, but still they are silent.

Then what is the use of making good quality of product. If so, you stop singing this song, we are manufacturing a good quality product. Instead you start singing the song that our products are doing well in the market because we are giving high credit.

Transfer of Liberal Credit Policy

Currently, aftermarket customers are shifting to Liberal Credit policies. Just like a business. Like a company transfers its product. Distributes products to various distributors. The distributor also transfers that credit policy to retail or small dealers. The retailer transfers it to the garage owners.

Thus this liberal credit policy has been commercialised. A chain has formed in the market. Many fatal consequences of this are coming to the fore at this time and no one has the ability to stop it. Due to liberal credit policy companies and their officers became slaves of distributors because if they do not give credit, companies will not get distributors.

Role of Sales Marketing Manager

Due to the liberal credit policy, the sales marketing manager has no function of market motivation. The marketing manager’s job is just to take orders and collect checks and send them to the company. There is nothing left for the sales executive to do in the aftermarket. Because there is already a burden behind them. of sales targets and past dues. They get ready in the morning and leave the house and go and sit at the distributor’s place. Their work is not meant to be a product inspiration.

I have come across many such executives in the aftermarket who are colluding, flattering etc. with the distributor just to sell and clear their dues. Do sales aspiring companies give this training to their executives and if yes why do they need MBA. I am not saying that all companies are doing this but most companies are doing it.

Distributor model and late payment

Due to the flexible loan policy, the customer builds his loyalty in a different way. Because companies are serving them liberal loan policy from the front. As soon as the credit is received, the business of the customers starts. From retailer to retailer to garage to distributor and it goes on continuously as a chain. Due to which there is delay in payment and then excuses come to the fore. No payment, no payment.

Today 55 to 60 percent of all check bounce FIRs in India are running only in the automobile sector. This is also happening because the burden of wanting to sell more is being passed on to the customer who is not capable. My first company Purolator India where I also deposited 3 years old dues of customers whose number will be at least 9 or 10.


I never believe that all companies or their executives will act this way. I also do not believe that the liberal credit policy of many other companies would be working in such a simple way. All I want to say here is that the liberal credit policy has taken a different form than the bold and helpful steps on the part of companies for their customers. Which the customer has commercialized for his own self-interest.

You all probably know better than us how accurate an aftermarket credit policy is. I may have been proved wrong on several points for which I am sorry. But the liberal credit policy needs to be made very rigid rather than encouraged by its laziness. In the next post I will talk about different types of attractive schemes and discounts in the market.

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How the market is rapidly moving the EV market

How the market is rapidly moving the EV market

How the market is rapidly moving the EV market

How the market is rapidly moving the EV market. In India the target is being achieved with two wheeler electric vehicles and not four wheels. The sales rate of two wheeler electric vehicles has increased as compared to four wheelers in India. If we talk about its components, then the sales of its components have also increased in the aftermarket. Let us know about the aftermarket complaint details of two wheeler electric vehicles.

Component manufacturer

The manufacture of electric vehicle parts in India is increasing day by day. If seen, component manufacturers are increasing. Different new manufacturers are being formed for different parts of two wheeler electric vehicles. Talking about the figures, about 4 to 5 manufacturers are getting ready in a month on a small scale. From this it appears that the target in India is being achieved due to two wheeler electric vehicles and not four wheels.

This is because small manufacturers enter manufacturing only after seeing sales. It is no hesitation to say that the sales of Two Wheeler Electric Compliant has increased in India at the moment. Every day EV parts counters are opening in the market. Demand is increasing and sales of components are increasing. In this way, here also, the market is rapidly shifting to EV market.

Sevens Automotives also manufactures high quality Control Cable for Two Wheeler Electric Vehicles which meets all the specifications and specifications given there. , The main ones are Throttle Only, Seat Lock Cable, Front Brake Cable, Rear Brake Cable, Air Oil Hose.

Aftermarket dealer

Talking about the aftermarket dealers and distributors, the demand for their two wheeler electric compliant has increased. There are also distributors who place orders for their spare parts twice a week. This shows that the market for electric components of two wheelers is growing in India.

Being new in the market, the dealer distributor also gets good margins. Compared to other two wheeler petrol vehicle parts, the competition in electric vehicle parts is also less. Parts of two wheeler electric vehicles are seeing less competition among themselves. This is also the main reason. Due to which the dealers or distributors are selling the parts of two wheelers at good margins.

About Retailers

Talking about aftermarket retailers, they are getting good demand from the market. There is a good demand from garage owners. They are getting good margin with components. There are still fewer shops in the retail sector, leading to higher demand. We also spoke to two-three aftermarket retailers of electric vehicles, they are very happy. He says that the demand is high due to the new area. There is no competition. Margins are also good. For this reason, the aftermarket retailer seems to be shifting mostly towards two wheel EV components.

Garage owner

Talking about garage owners in the 2-wheel electric vehicle space, they too seem to be happy. He says that no one argues with the customer. Customers work with ease. Two wheeler electric vehicles have less number of replacement components. Even if owners come there for service, they still face less spare parts for two wheeler electric vehicles. The work gets done quickly. In the amount of time we service two petrol vehicles, we can service four or five two wheeler electric vehicles at the same time. Beneficial for garage owners. The reality is that their service charges have increased.

Owners of two wheeler electric vehicles

Owners of two-wheeler electric vehicles are also looking happy. Because the increasing burden of petrol has been removed from his head. They get service in less money and less time. Two wheeler electric vehicle owners are happy when it comes to garage level or servicing. Two wheeler electric vehicle owners do not face much trouble in vehicle service. They don’t require buying many components. No need to run around for components. Which made them look happier.


What else should I write here in front of everyone’s happiness. I just want to say that the sales of Two Wheeler Electric Vehicle Parts in India is continuously increasing. It has seen an increase in the number of manufacturers, dealers, distributors, retailers and garage owners. Looks like they are all happy. Due to which it seems that the target in India is being met not on four wheeler electric vehicles but on two wheeler electric vehicles.

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Problems with Electric Scooters

Problems with Electric Scooters

Problems with Electric Scooters in the Indian Market. There are many challenges regarding electric vehicles in the Indian market, what is Problem with electric scooters . We are discussing two wheelers here. Everyone has a different opinion about buying an electric vehicle.

Despite all this, in 2019 or figures, it was estimated that by 2030, the growth rate of electric vehicles in India will be around 48 percent, but in 2022 it is estimated that this growth rate will be 78 percent or more by 2030. Around 1.8% of Indians were adopting UV in 2020 whereas in 2022 it has increased to around 200%.

Why is the number of EV adopters in India so low as compared to other countries of the world? Why are people not getting attracted towards electric vehicles? What is the limitation of electric vehicles, which is preventing electric vehicles from going mainstream. Let us discuss this point. Seven Automotive manufactures all control cables for electric vehicles. The main ones are the front brake cable, rear brake cable, throttle only and seat lock cable.

Problems with Electric Scooters

Version of vehicles

People are thinking that it is new in the market right now. Don’t know what its performance will be. Because somewhere there is a fire in electric vehicles. There is also some other problem which people are seeing and hearing. In reality, both technology and companies are new in the market right now. The products companies are manufacturing are probably facing customers for the first time.

It is nearly impossible to make a complex product like an automobile perfect for first time customers. This is also because if we make a product, deliver it to the end user and assure the end user, attract and extort money from the customer’s pocket, it is not a test subject for the Indian market.

Recently, many electric two wheeler companies have made a lot of changes in their policies, software and hardware. After hearing such news, many types of thoughts come in the mind of people. Many types of thoughts come in the mind of people. Because of this, people express their views when they are asked to buy an electric vehicle.

Battery problem

Almost all motorists know that an electric vehicle runs on a Li-ion battery, which has a life of 6 to 7 years, to run an electric vehicle after 6 to 7 years there is no other option but to replace the battery. The cost of the battery is about three-fourth of the cost price of the electric vehicle, which is a big issue in the pocket of the customer. Because they have no choice but to change the battery after 6 to 7 years.

Battery cost is becoming an important issue for electric vehicle buyers. Because electric vehicles are new both in the market and for the customer. It may take a long time of at least 7 to 8 years for a battery problem to appear. So this problem is going to affect the vehicle market for a long time.

Problems with Electric Scooters
Problems with Electric Scooters Charging and charging port

Charging and Charging Port

Electric vehicle manufacturers have not installed a universal charging system. Every other company has its own different charging port. Due to different charging ports, it is becoming a hindrance in building the ecosystem for electric vehicles. People associated with this have to face many other problems. You can say that the current lack of standardization is a curse for the Indian Electric Vehicle Industry.

Apart from this, people have to face trouble in charging even in their homes. Many people do not have such facilities. Many people don’t have good relationships. Not many people have such electric systems. Apart from this, the Indian temperature can also affect the performance of the electric vehicle battery to a great extent. Like very cold region of India and very hot region of India. Electric vehicles may have to suffer at both these places due to temperature. Because the battery can give its good performance when in use under the temperature range of 15 to 40 degrees.

Decrease in vehicle performance

Electric vehicles have a much lower performance than petrol vehicles. Its usefulness is also very less. It’s hard to know for sure whether an electric vehicle is delivering the promised range. Driving at low performance and being aware of optimum use of Regen becomes extremely important.

Servicing and Local Skill Development

Now suppose if a petrol vehicle breaks down, its mechanic is easily found. At present it is very difficult to find a mechanic if an electric vehicle breaks down. It is going to take a long time to complete these works. For this, a complete system will have to be prepared, whose market will also be different and whose development will also be different.

The second biggest problem is spare parts. Spare parts are also being manufactured and sold in the Indian market. But the main issue in this is quality. Because not everyone buys products made by companies in the aftermarket. Other sources are also available for that and the parts that are being made from other places in India have no measure of their quality. Who is making up his mind and selling.


Overall, electric vehicles are a good thing for Indians and the Indian market. The world is a good thing for nature. But to overcome the problems related to electric vehicles and especially to reduce the cost of batteries, there is a need to make people aware. If tomorrow the benefits associated with electricity are reduced, then it will prove to be a boon for India and Indians. The biggest threat is from pollution. This will reduce pollution, reduce diseases to people and save money. If you have more points to add to this list please share with us in the comments.

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Automotive aftermarket on growth spurt

Automotive aftermarket on growth spurt

Automotive aftermarket on growth spurt

Automotive aftermarket on growth spurt. In 2020, the US captured 16 billion in the market through its e-commerce website. The Indian and Chinese markets were meeting the growing world-class demand with their affordable products. After 2020 the pandemic came and after the pandemic, today the market wants to see the growing boom of the automotive industry.

The boom is rarely seen in India, but at the global level, the boom is breaking records. It is believed that this boom is due to the current purchase and sale of existing vehicles and their use. Sevens Automotives also manufactures components for Two Wheelers Vehicles, the main ones being the Control Cable Assembly, Indicator Assembly and Automotive Filter Assembly.

Main Demand

The Automotive Aftermarket growing boom in the auto parts sector is mainly due to the maintenance, service and repair of used vehicles. People’s budget is more on old vehicles than on new vehicles. The main reason for this is the slowdown in the global economy. People are finding it better to use old things instead of new ones. With less money, you are meeting your expenses and your needs.

Reflex Trigger

In order to fulfil their needs, people are using everything that, although not real, gives the impression of fulfilling all the qualities of the real thing. After the epidemic, people started adopting the online market. People want to avoid the crowd. The online market has also tightened its gear to meet the needs of the people.

Online market is giving many types of facilities to the people. Saving people’s time. Saving people’s money. People are saving fuel. It seems people are now buying more from online platforms. Serving such new customers will require more aftermarket players.

Replacement of Vehicles

People want to use their old vehicles for a longer period of time through repair and replacement of their vehicles rather than buying a new one. While electric vehicles have paved a way for the aftermarket, it is not as positive for OEMs as it should be. New models are being manufactured every day in the manufacture of vehicles, but people are more like to drive old vehicles.


While the demand for auto components has increased significantly in the global markets, the demand for auto components is decreasing in the Indian markets. The automotive aftermarket segment in the global market has seen a growth of 76% in 2021/22. Whereas in the Indian market this jump is quite negligible.

Overall, the automotive aftermarket is ushering in a new boom. Even though its impact in India is not that much. But the influence of Indian and Chinese automotive components on the world stage is enormous. People are using it with open heart. The demand for automotive components is increasing more than the requirement.

The Indian aftermarket is rapidly adapting itself to innovative technologies. In which the major logistics service is also playing its role. Due to which the players of the automotive aftermarket have got a boon in operating the customer.

How to Automotive aftermarket on growth

First of all the credit system has to be shut down. The secondary automotive aftermarket has to be strengthened. There should be an abundance of quality goods in the market. Aftermarket competitiveness has to be judged not by money but by quality.

People have to be made aware about the quality of the product, especially the end user. The scale of dealers, distributors and retailers has to be decided. Aftermarket executives will have to reduce target pressure along with facilities. There should be equality in the MRP of the product.

Strict measures have to be taken to prevent product duplication. The banking system will have to be strengthened, which will reduce the risk of credit and fund sinking. The tax system needs to be more transparent and strengthened. By adopting all these factors, the Indian automotive after market can be on the path of development at a faster pace.