Goal of Sevens Automotives

Sevens Automotives only goal is to grow and transfer a good product. Whether it is with a company or with our business partner (dealers or distributors) in the aftermarket. The product that SEVENS manufactures is single in itself and has a distinct identity in the aftermarket. And why should not we have our strong will power attached to it. Sevens does not believe in copying. Sevens is standing on its dam and growing its quality dam. In the end, I would say that if you are getting more support than expected, thank you all from the heart for this.

About Sevens

Sevens made its foundation in India in 2008 and started trading in the Indian aftermarket only and today became the creator and distributor of an innovative products. To which he added a lot of link. Such as combative supply chain management, Motivate sales and marketing professionals, mechanical and technical people, a clean plant as well as a clean environment. In this way, we went ahead and the links kept connecting. Which is a sign of our tolerance, perseverance, efficiency and duty. With this passion, I added 5 products to the aftermarket, Control Cables, Blinkers, Filters, Mirrors and Drum Rubbers, which in themselves represent their best quality.

Mission: Ensuring customer delight with a strong focus on Safety, Quality, Cost competitiveness, timely delivery and latest technology. Vision: To be a global market Leader in Safety Control cables through quality and Innovation