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How the market is rapidly moving the EV market

How the market is rapidly moving the EV market

How the market is rapidly moving the EV market

How the market is rapidly moving the EV market. In India the target is being achieved with two wheeler electric vehicles and not four wheels. The sales rate of two wheeler electric vehicles has increased as compared to four wheelers in India. If we talk about its components, then the sales of its components have also increased in the aftermarket. Let us know about the aftermarket complaint details of two wheeler electric vehicles.

Component manufacturer

The manufacture of electric vehicle parts in India is increasing day by day. If seen, component manufacturers are increasing. Different new manufacturers are being formed for different parts of two wheeler electric vehicles. Talking about the figures, about 4 to 5 manufacturers are getting ready in a month on a small scale. From this it appears that the target in India is being achieved due to two wheeler electric vehicles and not four wheels.

This is because small manufacturers enter manufacturing only after seeing sales. It is no hesitation to say that the sales of Two Wheeler Electric Compliant has increased in India at the moment. Every day EV parts counters are opening in the market. Demand is increasing and sales of components are increasing. In this way, here also, the market is rapidly shifting to EV market.

Sevens Automotives also manufactures high quality Control Cable for Two Wheeler Electric Vehicles which meets all the specifications and specifications given there. , The main ones are Throttle Only, Seat Lock Cable, Front Brake Cable, Rear Brake Cable, Air Oil Hose.

Aftermarket dealer

Talking about the aftermarket dealers and distributors, the demand for their two wheeler electric compliant has increased. There are also distributors who place orders for their spare parts twice a week. This shows that the market for electric components of two wheelers is growing in India.

Being new in the market, the dealer distributor also gets good margins. Compared to other two wheeler petrol vehicle parts, the competition in electric vehicle parts is also less. Parts of two wheeler electric vehicles are seeing less competition among themselves. This is also the main reason. Due to which the dealers or distributors are selling the parts of two wheelers at good margins.

About Retailers

Talking about aftermarket retailers, they are getting good demand from the market. There is a good demand from garage owners. They are getting good margin with components. There are still fewer shops in the retail sector, leading to higher demand. We also spoke to two-three aftermarket retailers of electric vehicles, they are very happy. He says that the demand is high due to the new area. There is no competition. Margins are also good. For this reason, the aftermarket retailer seems to be shifting mostly towards two wheel EV components.

Garage owner

Talking about garage owners in the 2-wheel electric vehicle space, they too seem to be happy. He says that no one argues with the customer. Customers work with ease. Two wheeler electric vehicles have less number of replacement components. Even if owners come there for service, they still face less spare parts for two wheeler electric vehicles. The work gets done quickly. In the amount of time we service two petrol vehicles, we can service four or five two wheeler electric vehicles at the same time. Beneficial for garage owners. The reality is that their service charges have increased.

Owners of two wheeler electric vehicles

Owners of two-wheeler electric vehicles are also looking happy. Because the increasing burden of petrol has been removed from his head. They get service in less money and less time. Two wheeler electric vehicle owners are happy when it comes to garage level or servicing. Two wheeler electric vehicle owners do not face much trouble in vehicle service. They don’t require buying many components. No need to run around for components. Which made them look happier.


What else should I write here in front of everyone’s happiness. I just want to say that the sales of Two Wheeler Electric Vehicle Parts in India is continuously increasing. It has seen an increase in the number of manufacturers, dealers, distributors, retailers and garage owners. Looks like they are all happy. Due to which it seems that the target in India is being met not on four wheeler electric vehicles but on two wheeler electric vehicles.

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