Choke Cable

Choke Cable

Choke Cable Description

We manufacture a wide range of choke cable following the QCD philosophy which helps in supplying high amount of fuel to the carburetor at the time of start. Sevens Automotives also manufactures speedo sensors on a large scale for all two wheelers.

These cables are used in almost all two wheelers and other three wheelers. Combustion of a mixture of fuel and air takes place in the engine. Normally the ratio of fuel and air is 1:10 to 12 but at the time of engine start, during winter and in other conditions a rich mixture i.e. up to 1:4 is required.

When there is weather or other problem in starting the engine, then the amount of fuel in the mixture is increased. By blocking the passage of air, the choke increases the amount of fuel in the mixture so that the engine starts smoothly.

These cables carry substantial load and hence we manufacture these cables under the supervision of highly skilled engineering team. We manufacture these Choke Cable as per OEM specifications as per the designs, drawings and specifications.


  • In-house test
  • Single Piece Flow Manufacturing
  • Friction free movement