Core Competencies


Our core competencies, advanced technology and aftermarket expertise are the keys to our success. Seven’s particular strength lies in our years of expertise and the way we connect our three core areas of automotive components, the aftermarket garage and the end user. We benefit from this synergy.

Sevens is a technology leader, and has been responsible for launching a number of innovative series products, such as the first complete control cable assembly that meets relevant quality standards. Thank you all for the continuous development and improvement of Sevens.


Another of our strengths is our excellent aftermarket expertise. We operate one of the largest aftermarket organizations for vehicle parts, accessories, diagnostics and services. While the quality of our product meets all the standards and norms of the vehicle, it also makes the ride smooth and comfortable for the rider.

To achieve all these goals, the entire team at Sevens and Sevens is meticulously engaged in product emissions.



Our core strength Our integrity lies in the perfection of our customers’ trust in Sevens products. For which we have always strived. More..

Core Competencies


My identity is the foundation of faith. Be it the quality of the product or the transparency among the customers.

Core Competencies


Our Persistence Gives Us the Power to Serve Customers and Create the Best Products. More

Core Competencies


We have various tools of professional service, which we always follow and will continue to do. More

Core Competencies


Our main goal is to manufacture products with the observance of each and every rule of nature conservation and protection. More