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Why go for Sevens Automotives products

Why go for Sevens Automotives products
Why Connect with Sevens in the Aftermarket

Why go for Sevens Automotives products

Why go for Sevens Automotives products ? You use vehicles in any form. No matter which garage you go to and get your vehicles serviced, why use Sevens products only? Why to use Sevens Product Let us know it in detail.

Why include sevens as vehicle parts


I wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that the Sevens product is the best aftermarket product for your motorcycle and scooter. Now first of all let’s talk about quality. Sevens Automotives manufactures control cables on a large scale. Which meets all the parameters and norms given for control cable of all two sixes vehicles motorcycles and scooters.

The Seven Control Cable provides you with a comfortable ride along with a safe ride. Therefore, those who know sevens in the after market are only and only on sevens. Friends, we are improving our quality day by day. The detailed information about the Seven Control Cable is given to you below.

About product quality

As mentioned above, the intake vehicle meets all the parameters and norms. This is true and for this we will discuss the main four points below. Our every moment goal is to put our quality first in the aftermarket with the creation of a great product. Which gives us a distinct identity in the aftermarket and also creates an infrastructure for our product.

This creation gives us confidence in Sevens in the aftermarket, which is a matter of great pride for us, We make our product better with the following steps which give us a distinct identity in the aftermarket.

  • Outer casing
  • Inner wire
  • Cable components
  • Rubber parts

Outer Casing

We manufacture a wide range of External Control Cable Casing following the QCD philosophy which helps in maintaining consistency in each and every piece we manufacture.

Cable casing outer is a type of flexible cable used to transmit mechanical force or energy by the motion of an inner cable relative to a hollow outer cable housing. The housing is typically of composite construction, with an inner lining coated with a protected outer shell of nylon/PVC

These cable casings carry substantial external load and hence we manufacture these cables under the supervision of highly skilled engineering team. We manufacture these cable casings as per the OEM specifications, designs, drawings and specifications.


  • in-house test
  • Single Piece Flow Manufacturing
  • friction free movement

Inner Wire

The inner wire is made of steel. There are two types of wires in the control cable. One is the strand wire and the other is the rope wire. Mostly the stern wire is used for the clutch cable, which has a thickness of 2.2 mm. It is marked as usually listing the number of wires per strand followed by the number of wires per rope or cable. Products with this 27 x 19 designation for clutch cable have 27 strands per cable and 19 wires per strand.

In this way we do weight testing, because of that it is oil deep for we do it in the control cable. We always go through high quality parikrama in these saree process. After passing through the circuit, it is then used in the cable. Only then we know how to manufacture a better smooth and friction free cable.

Components and Other Parts

All the components meet all the parameters and standards of the control cable, only after it is brought for assembly, all these components are tested for seventy different types, which after going through different types of testing process The same is used.

Completing all the above processes, Sevens Automotives manufactures a high quality Control Cable. That’s why we said that you must try our product once and try it in your motorcycle and scooter, you will definitely find it is friction free, smooth and comfortable.


Friends, I hope all of you will definitely follow my words and will definitely use the product of Sevens Automotives once. You can also buy our product online whose link I am giving below. There is one more request from you, do not forget to share this post with your friends. Thank you

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