Sevens has crossed many dimensions in the field of automotive. There have been many hurdles but we are moving ahead with our duty and honesty. We are marching ahead on the path of continuous, non-stop, relentless progress in markets all over the world including India.

Sevens in Automotive

Born in 2002 with an entrepreneurial spirit, Sevens has today carved a niche for itself as a leader in the design and manufacturing of Mechanical Control Cables and as the largest cable manufacturer in India and the world’s largest quality manufacturer in the two wheeler cable market. recognized in.

As part of its strategic expansion into the non-automotive-cables and controls market, the company has also started manufacturing cables for robotic and three wheelers. In India, Sevens has transitioned from a Single Product, Single Customer, Single Segment, Single Brand, Single Location Company to a Multi-Product, Multi-Business, Multi-Customer, Multi-Brand, Multi-Location Global Company.

It is truly diversified without sacrificing its principles on quality, cost, delivery and development. It is driven by its single-minded goal of “Customer Satisfaction” and is recognized as a “Value for Money Supplier” to customers across the spectrum in its pursuit of excellence.

Sevens Group is a global leader in the Automotive Cable, Indicator Assembly, Fitters Assembly industry. With a competitive manufacturing base in India, UK, US and Mexico, along with our technical and logistics support across the globe, the Group provides optimum product development and manufacturing solutions to its domestic and international clients.


Seven’s particular strength lies in our years of expertise and the way we intertwine our three main areas of our automotive components, the aftermarket and the garage owner. We benefit from this synergy. Sevens is a technology leader, and has been responsible for launching a number of innovative series products, such as the first complete control cable assembly that meets relevant quality standards.