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Problems with Electric Scooters

Problems with Electric Scooters

Problems with Electric Scooters in the Indian Market. There are many challenges regarding electric vehicles in the Indian market, what is Problem with electric scooters . We are discussing two wheelers here. Everyone has a different opinion about buying an electric vehicle.

Despite all this, in 2019 or figures, it was estimated that by 2030, the growth rate of electric vehicles in India will be around 48 percent, but in 2022 it is estimated that this growth rate will be 78 percent or more by 2030. Around 1.8% of Indians were adopting UV in 2020 whereas in 2022 it has increased to around 200%.

Why is the number of EV adopters in India so low as compared to other countries of the world? Why are people not getting attracted towards electric vehicles? What is the limitation of electric vehicles, which is preventing electric vehicles from going mainstream. Let us discuss this point. Seven Automotive manufactures all control cables for electric vehicles. The main ones are the front brake cable, rear brake cable, throttle only and seat lock cable.

Problems with Electric Scooters

Version of vehicles

People are thinking that it is new in the market right now. Don’t know what its performance will be. Because somewhere there is a fire in electric vehicles. There is also some other problem which people are seeing and hearing. In reality, both technology and companies are new in the market right now. The products companies are manufacturing are probably facing customers for the first time.

It is nearly impossible to make a complex product like an automobile perfect for first time customers. This is also because if we make a product, deliver it to the end user and assure the end user, attract and extort money from the customer’s pocket, it is not a test subject for the Indian market.

Recently, many electric two wheeler companies have made a lot of changes in their policies, software and hardware. After hearing such news, many types of thoughts come in the mind of people. Many types of thoughts come in the mind of people. Because of this, people express their views when they are asked to buy an electric vehicle.

Battery problem

Almost all motorists know that an electric vehicle runs on a Li-ion battery, which has a life of 6 to 7 years, to run an electric vehicle after 6 to 7 years there is no other option but to replace the battery. The cost of the battery is about three-fourth of the cost price of the electric vehicle, which is a big issue in the pocket of the customer. Because they have no choice but to change the battery after 6 to 7 years.

Battery cost is becoming an important issue for electric vehicle buyers. Because electric vehicles are new both in the market and for the customer. It may take a long time of at least 7 to 8 years for a battery problem to appear. So this problem is going to affect the vehicle market for a long time.

Problems with Electric Scooters
Problems with Electric Scooters Charging and charging port

Charging and Charging Port

Electric vehicle manufacturers have not installed a universal charging system. Every other company has its own different charging port. Due to different charging ports, it is becoming a hindrance in building the ecosystem for electric vehicles. People associated with this have to face many other problems. You can say that the current lack of standardization is a curse for the Indian Electric Vehicle Industry.

Apart from this, people have to face trouble in charging even in their homes. Many people do not have such facilities. Many people don’t have good relationships. Not many people have such electric systems. Apart from this, the Indian temperature can also affect the performance of the electric vehicle battery to a great extent. Like very cold region of India and very hot region of India. Electric vehicles may have to suffer at both these places due to temperature. Because the battery can give its good performance when in use under the temperature range of 15 to 40 degrees.

Decrease in vehicle performance

Electric vehicles have a much lower performance than petrol vehicles. Its usefulness is also very less. It’s hard to know for sure whether an electric vehicle is delivering the promised range. Driving at low performance and being aware of optimum use of Regen becomes extremely important.

Servicing and Local Skill Development

Now suppose if a petrol vehicle breaks down, its mechanic is easily found. At present it is very difficult to find a mechanic if an electric vehicle breaks down. It is going to take a long time to complete these works. For this, a complete system will have to be prepared, whose market will also be different and whose development will also be different.

The second biggest problem is spare parts. Spare parts are also being manufactured and sold in the Indian market. But the main issue in this is quality. Because not everyone buys products made by companies in the aftermarket. Other sources are also available for that and the parts that are being made from other places in India have no measure of their quality. Who is making up his mind and selling.


Overall, electric vehicles are a good thing for Indians and the Indian market. The world is a good thing for nature. But to overcome the problems related to electric vehicles and especially to reduce the cost of batteries, there is a need to make people aware. If tomorrow the benefits associated with electricity are reduced, then it will prove to be a boon for India and Indians. The biggest threat is from pollution. This will reduce pollution, reduce diseases to people and save money. If you have more points to add to this list please share with us in the comments.

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