Throttle Cable

Aprilia Motard 125 Air 4T Throttle Cable

Throttle Cable Description

We manufacture a wide range of Throttle Cable adhering to the QCD philosophy which helps in maintaining stability in each and every piece we manufacture. Sevens Automotives manufactures Throttle Control Cables for 2-wheel and 3-wheel vehicles that meet all vehicle specifications.

Throttle Control cables is also known as accelerator cable. It connects the throttle pedal to the throttle body, allowing the driver to control the level of acceleration of the vehicle. It consists of an inner cable made of metal wire and an outer casing made of a PVC coated helical spring.

These cables carry substantial load and hence we manufacture these cables under the supervision of highly skilled engineering team. We manufacture these Throttle Cables as per the OEM specifications as per the designs, drawings and specifications.


  • In-house test
  • Single Piece Flow Manufacturing
  • friction free movement