End user

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End users

With over 70000 two wheeler garage owners, 6000+ retailers and 185 distributors in India, Sevens Automotives growing footsteps rest entirely on end user trust. Sevens Automotives manufactures its products keeping in mind the convenience as well as high quality of the author. This makes the ride of the rider easier. They have to use less electricity. Like you take our control cable. Since the intake control cable is friction free, it does not affect the rider’s hands whether he depresses the clutch lever or accelerates the accelerator.

Vehicle owners play the most role in the after market, on the basis of which mechanics, garage owners, retailers, distributors and companies increase the sales of their products. This real growth rests on the confidence of the vehicle owners in the one and only product. Depends on their demand for the product. They know the demand for their product by a particular name, which satisfies them. We get a lot of calls from vehicle owners who tell us about the product. If any product they do not find in the market then call us for the product and Sevens gives them immediate supply.

If seen, the vehicle owner has the most important role to play for the development of the product in the aftermarket. Which makes us realize their trust in the product and their awareness of safety. Sevens Automotive promises such vehicle owners that we are engaged with new developments every day and are bound to maintain our quality standards.