An Expert Partner for the Aftermarket

Sevens sells all its two wheeler and three wheeler products in the aftermarket including control cables, indicator assemblies, air filters, drum rubber, brake shoes and side mirror glass. Seven Automotives adopts multiple sources of market development to achieve market goals. What stands out with all this is a standard high quality inside our product that drives Sevens Automotives growth in the market. Increases trust among its consumers on the strength of quality.

Sevens’ product quality acts as a link in achieving its goals com from Dealers, Distributors and Retailers. And this link connects the dealers, distributors and retailers, which helps each other in the transfer of Sevens’ products. Our market team always adopts this fact to carry out its tasks smoothly, which are mainly product allocation, product removal, transfer, discussion among themselves about the quality of the product and motivation for the product.

Amidst all this our major priority like mutual participation, trust towards each other, dutifulness, transparency, efficient practicality, mutual adjustment as well as adjustment of practicality also make us reliable and top in the aftermarket among our consumers. Our every step for the market is our real goal to create a successful product as well as serve high quality products to the consumers. For which we and all our executives are instrumental in performing the best in their respective fields.

Our Product Range